Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week that was: 13 November 2013

Another fantastic week here at Findlay Books. We have been gearing up for the workshop this weekend with registrations still coming in - seriously, I had one lady apply and pay today in less than two hours! Fastest rego ever!

Just call me SPAMMO! I have discovered that I have been spamming all of my international author friends untentionally by posting heaps to all the book groups that they belong to - I feel aweful - I hate spamming and find out I am the worst one of all. If you are reading this, my Az author friends - please forgive me - making loads of changes so this wont happen anymore. :)

My husband Bevan has finished his last exam today! Well done Babe, it has taken 5 years on and off for us all to live through this season, but it is finally over and I AM SO BLIMMIN' PROUD OF YOU!

I am trying out Amazon's new Countdown Deals to see how well my kids ebooks sell through this new promotional avenue on Amazon - very exciting results so far.

The week feels like it has only just begun and it has been really busy. I can't wait to let you all know how our second workshop goes this weekend. Stay tuned!

Over and out!

PS: If you are keen to read a few ebooks by Joy Findlay (me) then leave a comment below and I'll PM you a favourite.

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