Wednesday, November 27, 2013

28 November the week that was.

Shorts of Air and Darkness Astro-photography
Don't you just love it when you meet people who find great value in what you have to offer? Skills, experience, knowledge - working experiential knowledge - that they can learn from to see their publishing dreams become a reality? I've met five more new self-publishers this week and was thrilled to be able to guide them towards their dreams coming true ~ I love my job! I don't remember drinking so many caramel latte coffees in one week before - I might have to go decafe.... Pffft ~ kidding!

Safe to say it has been another exceptional week at Findlay Books. We have formatted a few more ebooks for authors, and picked up another few clients who have a bunch of books to be converted and we discovered that we are under charging for our Digital Formatting Services by 75%, so our prices will be going up in the New Year.

We are planning a MASSIVE Christmas Giveaway this year. We are giving away 47 ebooks from 19 different kidlit authors who come from all over the world! Each of the 5 different
prize packs contain about 8 - 10 Kindle ebooks with one containing an Amazon gift eCard. So exciting, I can't wait, so watch out for it - Starts December 1st!!!

We have some very exciting changes in store for the new year - can't tell you much now, only that I am a little scared about how much LEARNING it will actually take to get it off the ground ~ talk about stretching the tent pegs aye?

If you love the new hoodies we purchased (pic above), please check our Jason Brown's Redbubble page. He has hoodies, calendars, posters, framed prints and so much more. He's a NZ local lad who is raising funds purchase professional astro-photography equipment so he can continue to do what he really does do best! Jason is on Facebook would love for you to visit his page. And if you are wondering how an astro-photographer has anything to do with self-publishing - Jason's amazing moon pics feature in our 'Rocket Boy goes to the Moon' and he didn't charge us to use them! We love supporting those who support us! Thank you Jason.

Have a fantastic week everyone and enjoy the season and the LOADS of free Christmas ebooks there are out there for the squidlets!

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