Friday, November 8, 2013

Publishing on Draft2Digital

Just started using Draft2Digital today. Overall result - much more user friendly than Smashwords. Here are a few things I learned during my initial experience with D2D:

* Although they say they don't need a style guide like Amazon and Smashwords, you can upload your doc and Epub files but correct formatting is still really important.

* You have to use Word and not Libre Office to create the contents page, for some reason Libre Office spits the dummy at the contents table.

* We had to halve all of the URL links as they ran off the page on the PDF preview file (for CreateSpace).

* They do accept Epub files, but often the ones we create aren't acceptable to iBook...

* I'm not sure how it will go with a fixed format ebook though as they don't accept MOBI files, so if I only want to publish on B&N and Kobo then I think that its ok.

* You can email them your EIN number instead of printing and mailing forms.

* Royalties are paid via PayPal/Chq each month.

* No start-up fees. They take 15% royalties though.

* I received an email from D2D letting me know the additional information I would need to provide them with for publishing my book file to CreateSpace ie: Cover jacket (they attached a Createspace template for this!!!), update on the price (giving cost price amount and supposed royalties earned on each dollar I added to that cost price), and they asked me to email all of this BACK TO D2D - not to CreateSpace. Simple easy!

So far I'm pretty happy with the service - much more user friendly than Smashwords.

Now I just need to get a better cover designed and I can actually look at distribution in NZ.

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