Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding an illustrator.

One of the biggest requests we get from workshop attendees is information on where they can find a reasonably priced illustrator. Below is a list of illustrators that other authors have used and recommended to me. What they will need to know is how many images/pages do you require, how much you will pay (negotiate) and how you will pay them. Below this list is an example of a Writer Illustrator Agreement once you have set the image amount and price for the job. 

Finding an the right illustrator for your project depends on a few things: quality of workmanship, the right 'look', ease of communication, and price comes into it too. I like working with new illustrators to give them an introduction into the world of self-publishing, I indicate what I would like my illustrations to look like, and we agree on 'price' or 'service'. Most important to me is being able to work with someone I can trust to create what I want. 

The two illustrators I currently work with have very different styles of artwork, but that works for the different series of books that I am creating. They communicate well, they are really easy to work with, and I have formed a great friendship with them too. When they are in the same room together they are so funny! They are going to be presenting at my next self-publishing workshop in the New Year and they both crack me up!

So, some things to be aware of: please be aware that you need to sign the rights over for the images from the illustrator to the writer, but they should still have the ability to use the art work to promote their own business/services, I.e: they can not on sell the images, and you can do with them what you want.

Also, make sure you agree to the length of time you expect work to be done by. The illustrators I work with have other jobs - plural - so my artwork fits in around their other paid work, meaning it takes much longer for them to create stuff for me. 

I checked out Elance.com this week and have had nearly twenty responses to my ad in two days for an illustrator to illustrate a 32 page book with cover. One of these responses came from an illustrator in NZ, but he didn't state what he would charge which is a shame as I probably wont ask him. The average price has been about $500.00.

All the best in finding someone to help bring your children's stories to life! Please let us know how it all goes for you ~ Joy.

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New Zealand Ilustrators
Sandra Morris Illustration Agency (NZ)

FBI Illustrators (Fabulous Bureau of Illustrator) 

Jason Brown (NZ)
Email: unkaval@gmail.com
Photography can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/astronomr/ 
Paul Lafaele (NZ)

Paul Elder (NZ)

Chan Ghee Leow (NZ)

Danielle Tran (NZ)
021 106 1755

Suzanne Beer (NZ?)

International Illustrators
Elance (Intl)

Ewa PodleĊ› (Intl)

Isella Vega (Intl)

Hozayfah Art (Intl)

Pat Lewis (Intl)

Jim Brenneman (Intl)

Veronica Grech (Intl)

Helen H. Wu (Intl)


Feel free to copy and past this agreement – fill in the (brackets) appropriately.

Writer Illustrator Agreement

(Author's name)
(Author's address)

(Illustrator's name)
(Illustrator's address)

Party A: (Author's name)
Party B: (Illustrator's name)

Party A has prepared a children’s book with a title of (Name of Book), of approximately (Number of words) words. Pursuant to the terms and conditions herein (Illustrator's name) shall prepare (Number) number of colour illustrations to be incorporated in the book. The completed illustrations shall be delivered to the (Author's name) no later than (Date), 2013.

(Author's name) shall reasonably cooperate with and assist the (Illustrator's name) in preparation of the materials. (Author's name) knows and accepts the style of drawing of the (Illustrator's name), possesses a sample of it and will give the (Illustrator's name) freedom in her artistic invention.

(Illustrator's name) shall prepare the following, to the satisfaction of the (Author's name):
1. a cover, with the original to be approximately 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches in size in colour
2. (Number) number of other illustrations related to the work, to be approximately 8.5 inches X 8.5 inches in size.

As (Illustrator's name)'s sole compensation herein, (Illustrator's name) shall be paid a total fee of $____ NZD, to be paid as follows:
Deposit of $____ NZD after all work has been completed. Fees related to wire money transfer shall be split between (Author's name) and (Illustrator's name) 50/50.
No further compensation shall be due. (Author's name) shall have the right to unlimited reproduction and use of the illustrations thereafter.

(Illustrator's name) shall keep the existence of the work, and all information related to the same strictly confidential until the work is published or otherwise is released into the public domain. After the publishing of the work the (Illustrator's name) will be entitled to present the illustrations as a part of a public presentation of her work (especially, but not limited to her internet profile), with a reference to the book of the (Author's name).

(Illustrator's name) shall receive credit in any distributed version of the work as the illustrator, in such places as are customary and usual within the trade for the type of work. (Illustrator's name) will be granted freely four copies of the above mentioned book (of each of its editions), after it will be published.

(Illustrator's name) warrants that the materials delivered herein are the original work of the (Illustrator's name) and that the same do not violate any copyright, trademark or other protection of intellectual property by (Illustrator's name). (Illustrator's name) further warrants that (Illustrator's name) has the full right to convey the rights granted to (Author's name) herein. (Illustrator's name) shall indemnify the (Author's name) from any such claims related to the work of the illustrator. Provided, however, that in the event that the (Author's name) specifically requests in writing a particular form of rendering that the (Author's name) shall be responsible for such claims to the extent that they are proximately caused by the (Author's name)'s request.

This is the entire agreement between the parties, and the same may only be modified by a writing executed by the parties hereto.

Partnering Organization: (Author's name) 





Partnering Organization: (Illustrator's name)





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