Monday, November 11, 2013

Booksellers, Independent Bookstores and 'Treasure!'

Booksellers lists a bunch of contact details for independent books stores in NZ.  It is a great resource for finding email addresses for stores that could potentially purchase your printed books. Bronwen from Happy Bee Books has compiled a list of email address and started emailing them with some success. She found that some the of contact email address didn't work.

What a fantastic resource for those of you who are distributing in NZ.

All the best Bronwen, and congratulations on the launch of your first self-published book 'Treasure!'. You can find more information about Bronwen's new book here: She is also on Facebook:

Aaharrr me-harty!


  1. Wow, thanks Joy! And just how speedy are you? I only sent you that list half an hour ago!

    1. I think it is an important resource and with my workshop this weekend I was making sure my blog was up to date. Thank you very much for sending it my way!