Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Links March 3rd.

Hey, welcome to our first ever weekly links - the post all about the interesting posts from other pages that I've come across that have a lot to do with self-publishing, ebooks and publishing in general or just something that I thought was funny and needed to share with you all!

I've come across some great posts online in the last few weeks. Here are the highlights:

Publishers Weekly have a great little overview on what every indie author needs to know about ebooks:

Kids Writers have a great post on publishing terms for those who are totally new to the industry *hand-goes-up*. Titled 'Publishing Terms All Writers and Self-Publishers Should Know', it is a great resource. You can find this - and more - on their website here:

Lift Education has taken over Learning Media's contracts in NZ and are now running the School Journal and all the other early reading materials for education. They have submission guidelines available for already published authors and an annual new writers competition where the winner is automatically published, but the may also publish other works by entrants of the competion and will pay competitive rates for your work. Worth reading more here:

I've been learning about writing for middle grade at the moment - that is the intermediate school age group for us Kiwi's - and I've enjoyed this article by The Working Writer's Club. This is actually a one month workshop that they offer to teach you the how-to, but I found the information in each session a great guideline for the structure of writing short chapter books for kids. Check it out here:

Sue Copsey has her book 'The Ghosts of Young Nick's Head' is going free on Smashwords using this code [ RW100 ] at the checkout, and she is asking that if you download her ebook that you please give it a review. You can find out more about Sue and her book here on:

And lastly, Dr Seuss had his birthday yesterday - or today if you live north of nowhere - and Huffington Post did a post on 'Here's What Dr. Seuss Can Teach Every Adult About Life' - worth a read:

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