Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly Links March 17th.

This last week I've been editing my latest novel and connecting with others online about their own novels. I'd really love to say that writing come completely naturally to me but as any writer knows, it takes practice, time, reading a-plenty, and a creative flare to start - and complete - a writing project. Being addicted to game apps on my tablet doesn't help either....

So my favourite website that I constantly use when writing is RhymeZone. Hope it helps you out with your rhyming and thesaurus needs!

I came across a post by Publishing Weekly on the children's book's market changes. They checked out a whole load of research that Neilsons Market Research did and what that means for children's book sales over the next year. An interesting read.

Steven Zacharius did a piece for Huff Post Books about the long gone book store. He found it really interesting that his grand daughter had never been into a small independent book store. What are you thoughts? Are book stores a dying breed?

Rachel Thompsom, an author herself, wrote a piece for Huff Post Books on the dark side of selling books. She talks of the frustration of trying to sell your books but only finding other authors to sell to - her conclusion: 'If you want to connect with readers, you need to search for and follow readers. This isn't rocket science.'

 Huff Post - again - have a piece on the 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently. I love this, gives me permission as a writer - and a Mama - to think differently because that is what I am good at! :D

Stephen Kings Top 20 Rules for Writers posted by Lauren Passell on B&N's site. There is some really great advice for writers here, but I love rule number 20: 'Writing is about getting happy.' 

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