Monday, March 3, 2014

Week that was 4th March

This week has been very, VERY busy. My other day job - no not the Mama day job - was super busy this last week and we had a lovely wedding on Friday - the day before our first workshop for the year. I really do need to plan my workshop weeks much better than I currently do!

Self-Publishing Workshop - what a blast! We had a smaller workshop this time with only 12 people attending, but I am super grateful for that because last November we taught 59 people and that was just too many people to teach all at once!

There were people from all over the city at the workshop - and two ladies came all the way from Kaitaia of all places - what a mission! Well done ladies for the huge commitment!

This week I am taking things easy - and, althrough I've run out of Findlay Books business days, I do plan on writing a few more chapters of my next middle grade book. In between school pick-ups, homework, sick kids, and cooking meals, that should be a sinch... yeah right!

Have a fantastic week everyone!


PS: Found these in a bookshop recently - what a crack up!

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