Monday, March 10, 2014

The week that was March 11th

Wahooo! What a successful week we've had here at Findlay Books. No I didn't win any amazing giveaways, no I didn't sell a million books, and no I haven't won any glorified contests... I have finished my first chapter book! Haha, I know, I know - amazing right?!

See what you don't get is that I have begun quite a few novels, and have a bunch of them in plot structure form - completely complete, just not actually written, or finished for that matter. So today I can finally announce that I am indeed an author, if you don't count the gorgeous kids books that I've written for two years running... or the romance I wrote as a tween, or the poetry I wrote in English classes as a child...

An author aye?! How about that! Feels good to have finally finished something. I might have to point out here that the book I wrote was structured by someone else, is only 29 A4 pages long and about 10,000 word, but I did it! I finally wrote the first in a series of kids chapter books that are fairy tales re-told as steampunk tales. Oh I am so excited, I can't wait to write the rest!

So what next? Apart from writing another plot outline for Snow White and Beauty and the Beast, I now have to get quotes from editors, find an illustrator or at least a cover artist, forward it to my beta readers then get the whole thing complete. Hopefully we can get this baby off the ground, ebook published and in print by the end of April.

By the way, we've had to cancel the Writing and Illustrating for Children Workshop. Sorry for the inconvience this may cause. If you have any questions, please let us know.

It has been a great week! Thanks for reading.

~ Joy

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