Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Week that Was: 5th August 2014

Steampunk Fairytales 'Sleeping Beauty' by Joy Findlay

Well, what an exciting week I've had this last week. I started out the last week with a fresh creative streak and ended up with two drafts for my first of 10 Steampunk Fairytales and covers for all of these new books. I am so looking forward to writing the rest that it has had me at the local library again researching the origins of each fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm's household tales. So exciting!

I've posted a few more covers below, would love some feedback!
I'm also looking for beta readers for this series please. Once my Hubby has edited them a bit for me then I would love to share them. Please email me if you are interested!

Last week's achievements:
* Tax in the post - finally!
* Two drafts read and editing started - yay.
* 10 cover designs for Steampunk Fairytales
* Five new fairy tale story structures - been a very busy writer!
* Read 8 novels, one of which was Alex Flynn's 'Towering' - not her best story...
* KOLL Free Promos - heaps of kids books up for grabs on Amazon

What I hope to achieve this week:
* Check out Wattpad - again, yeah I know, should have done this last week
* Read final of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles 'Cress'
* Print out all 10 Steampunk story structures and plan their completion for next six months
* Go on date with Hubby - what - that's important too you know! :D

Hope you all have a fantastic week and remember, keep dreaming!


  1. Exciting times! I'm having a zombie week lol but hopefully that just means more energy next week!

    For the covers - my fave is Peter. I think it's the most cohesive. I'm not sure about Bella but that might just be cause I'm not a big fan of the colour pink lol.

    Date with the hubby is SUPER important! See you soon!

  2. Thanks Zee, and yeah, totally get about the colour pink - but I like it :)

  3. Hi Joy. Loving the covers - they look great. You really have been busy. :-)