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Week that was: 11 August 2014

Auckland City at dusk.
Hey everyone! Hope this week sees you all enjoying the warmer weather. We've had a busy week and a super crazy weekend – we moved downstairs but it felt like we moved down-the-line!

I have enjoyed 'researching' many different fairy tale adaptations this last week, and I've pick up a few Steampunk stories as well. I don't know when I will get sick of the cross-genre but for now I still have many more authors to read through.

It has been an interesting week nation wide and world wide in the area of publishing. Amazon and Hachette are still at each other's throats over ebook pricing and I'm not truly sure who is in the wrong but both sides are making much of the controversial situation blaming each as a money hungry, author stomping, power manipulative, bad guy.

NZ is still adjusting to changes as well with the withdrawal of four major publishing firms early last year. It has seen a pretty significant drop in book sales nationwide in the last few years. But at the same time, ebooks are becoming more and more popular.

This has lead publishers and writers to figure out new ways of selling their books, and many of these new ways are quite innovative. Some are writing music to go with their books – not a new thing but when you marry ebooks and sound/music audio files it becomes an exciting new read. 

Other publishing houses are now using Google search hits as a tool for marketing – they are writing books to meet the popular Google search terms. It is interesting to see how technology is forcing change and how that change is forcing how technology is used.

But I love how self-published authors are getting together to find new ways of cross promoting and marketing. They are even setting up book fairs which I totally support. One of the reasons for this is that existing book festivals don't really cater to self-publishers, sometimes charging huge amounts for little reward.

I'm hoping to head over to Devonport this weekend to support some fellow Kiwi authors at the first Auckland Independent Book Festival. They have over 90 exhbits at the festival - 90! That is amazing! We are going to make a day of it and hopefully meet some new friends in the NZ writery world!

It is being held this Sat, 16th August at the St Paul's Chess Centre, 100 Victoria St, Devonport from 10am until 4pm. More info here: 

OK, so my last week was super busy, and I didn't get much writing or editing done. But there is always this week!

Last week's achievements:
* I set myself up on Wattpad. You can find and support me here:
* I read The third of the UnEnchanted series, Fable (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 3) by Chanda Hahn:
* I read Snow White Sorrow (Book #1 in the Grimm Diaries) by Cameron Jace. It was an interesting Vampire take on the Snow White fairy tale but not one I really enjoyed.

What I hope to achieve this week:
* Go and visit the Auckland Independent Book Festival on this coming weekend, yeah!
* Set up a mailing list for my Steampunk Fairytales
* Add progress bar to my blog
* Print off goals for Steampunk Fairytales
* Write first five chapters for 'Briar' – my Sleeping Beauty adaptation
* Edit 'Pinnacchia' and 'Snow'

Here are some links for you to check out this week:

Why mailing lists are important for authors: David Gaughran:

How to build a killer mailing list: Nick Stephenso:

Amazon Vs Hachette debate: The Plot thickens as 900 authors battle Amazon:

The NZ Post Book Awards are open for the People's Choice Award, vote here:

NZ Herald published an article on 'Online search key to publishing blockbusters':

And I found a Disney Princess CGI make-over – not book related but very cute!

The Word Meter Builder - will be adding this to my blog once my Technical Advisor - aka hubby - shows me how! :)

What a busy week I have in store, I am really looking forward to it!

That's all for now, over and out.

~ Joy Findlay

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