Monday, September 22, 2014

Step-by-step Guides by Joy Findlay

This is a list of all of the Step-by-step Guides on this blog. 

Kindle Kids' Book Creator - A Step-by-step Guide


We take a look at Kindle Kids' Book Creator and check out its main features, its advantages and its disadvantages and what changes it could bring to the children's ebook industry.




Legal and Financial Issues Part 3, Withholding Tax and EIN numbers: A Step-by-step Guide

We take a look at Withholding Tax, US Tax numbers and a Step-by-step Guide for applying for an EIN number and how to inform Amazon, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital of your new EIN number.



Publishing Your Book Online - A Step-By-Step Guide


We take a look at how to publish on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KPD). This is a serious Step-by-step guide for those with ebooks ready to publish. The great part to this guide is that the skills learned here can help with publishing on other platforms as well.






Formatting Your Ebook for Publishing - A Step-by-step Guide


Formatting your book is an important part of self-publishing – as important as writing and hitting the publish button.  If your book is not correctly formatted you will NOT get the desired results.  This post is going to deal with the technical side of formatting an ebook, and because there is so much technical jargon, I have had my wonderful assistant – my husband, Bevan Findlay – to write the rest of this post.




Sideloading your MOBI files onto your Kindle Ereader or Kindle App.


If you have ever been given a MOBI file in a competition or a giveaway you need to follow the instructions below explain learn how to "side load" the files into the Kindle reader app. 

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