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Week that was / London Book Fair - thanks David!

A rare selfie with the squidlets!
Wow, what a month! We've moved house, got the squidlets into a new school, survived school holidays – including ice skating – and we are now settling into the new office. Finally unpacked our last two boxes yesterday, feeling more settled now, just in time for end-of-financial-year tax returns...

I've been reading quite a bit about this year's London Book Fair. I've had a couple of children's self-publisher friends attend the fair this year and both came away with some valuable information for those of us who are self-publishing worldwide.

So instead of dribbling on further about absolutely nothing new – just moved house remember – I'm going to repost David Chuka's post on his experience at the London Book Fair. I was given permission to repost this, but please go and visit David's web page – he has so many wonderful interviews from children's authors from around the world!

David writes about the following:

Thank you David, your website is very valuable!

My London Book Fair 2014 Experience – Day One
Posted on April 11, 2014 by David Chuka

I was at the London Book Fair this week and I have to tell you that it was a life changing experience. I was there last year and it give me an insight into how the industry works. However, if I could describe my experience this year in one word, it would be INSPIRED. A major part of this was due to the Self-publishing superstars who attended and not only gave their time by answering questions at various seminars and workshops but were also available at their stand to give away and sign free books, take pictures and answer more questions. There was a camaraderie amongst these authors, who all make quite juicy sums from their self-publishing business that I think we all need to emulate.
These Indie self-publishers included Stephanie Bond, Bella Andre, Lilliana Hart, Jacinda Wilder, Barbara Freethy and Hugh Howey. I actually had a photo opp with Hugh with our arms across each other like best buddies and then gues what? My phone's battery died. Anyways, Hugh was so gracious to sign my journal and I’m hopeful I’ll get that picture with him at some point in the future.
I attended most of the seminars and workshops with C.K. Omillin who is a fellow author from Belgium in my Facebook Group and it was a delight to share the experience with a friend. Ok, I hope you have your favourite beverage in hand and are all cozied up as I’m about to share the best bits from the London Book Fair 2014...
More of the Day One post here.

My London Book Fair 2014 Experience – Day Two
Posted on April 11, 2014 by David Chuka

Hope you liked my post on my first day at the London Book Fair 2014. If you haven’t read it, then click First Day at the London Book Fair 2014 to read all about it.

Marketing Your Book
Day Two began with a workshop that had about 8 people sat round a table with a moderator. The topic of the workshop was selling and marketing your book internationally. While the workshop didn’t address the international aspect of marketing your book, there was still a lot of good stuff to take home.
Some of the words of wisdom shared included making sure your book cover sizzles. Don’t check your book sales every day, instead use that time to find bloggers who can promote your book. Everyone at the table was encouraged to share what was working for them.
With regard to social media, I learned we have to tweet about hot topics that are in the social consciousness. He gave the example about football and how you can win new followers by talking about a recent game. To this end, if you follow me on @davidchuka you’ll see me begin to share more about my football team and the challenges of parenting.
The moderator said that Twitter works but you just have to be committed to tweeting every day. At this juncture, I feel it’s necessary to interject that our primary focus as writers is to write so if you’ve not fulfilled your main calling, then don’t sweat the small stuff i.e. social media.
To improve your brand name across social media, make sure you’re using the same username/tag across your profiles. I think you’ll agree that I have a consistent brand name across my profiles apart from Pinterest.

We were encouraged to try paid PR as they can get you into newspapers and also help with press releases. Make sure to haggle on price if you want to go this route as there are always deals to be struck. Ideally before the deadline for advert submissions as they have last minute deals. I’ve never used this method before and would be interested to know if you’ve had any success with it.
Cross promoting helps so try to get to know other authors in your genre. I have to say that I have personally found Facebook groups and Twitter plus GoodReads to be a great place to find fellow authors in my niche. A great man once said that iron sharpens iron and when it comes to getting into an alliance of like-minded authors, the power that we can give each other is huge...
More of the Day Two post here.

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