Monday, February 17, 2014

The week that was: 18 Feb

Writing station - much tidier with the shelving unit on the right!
Hi everyone, and thanks for popping in again. 

I've had a busy few weeks again. Kids started school a few weeks back then I started interning at our local church. Once the kids started back at school, I thought I'd have plenty of time to focus on ebooks and marketing stuff, workshops and working with illustrators, but instead I have gone from five days a week down to two days a week so, yeah, very busy!

Even though I've become increasingly busy, I've read a few new books. This is vitally important to me as a writer, to keep working on my skill. Some books made me laugh, some made me cry - like literally cry - but it was so good reading and feeling so overwhelmed with the characters' situations in the book that it lead me to tears! 

Last week I went to lunch with other NZ Self-Publishers - yes there are more out there than you'd think and more coming out of the wood work weekly. It was so lovely putting faces to names and bodies to profile faces - hahaha, well you know what I mean.

Our most popular posts on this site at the moment have been - Sideloading ebooks, Tax tax and more tax, and Publishing step-by-step. Have a look at the labels along the side of this blog and you can see other fantastic information that will help guide you in your self-publishing journey.

At the moment I am writing a new series. I am moving from picture books to Kidlit books - mainly so I can get these stories off my heart and so I don't have to pay for an illustrator any more. It is a whole new ball-game, that's for sure. I have to work out a whole new audience, a new vocab, a new manuscript length, and the marketing - don't even get me started there. I'm not even sure where to start really, so it feels like I'm starting over on a whole new self-publshing adventure.

Five chapters down on the first book. 10 chapters to go and the first of many will be complete! Yay!

Its been a good week here at Findlay Books. I'm still trying to update our website and will probably still be doing so next month as well. I'm rebuilding it on a website platform that is easy to navigate and update without having a Web master - aka Mr Findlay Books - to do it for me. But it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I have to think about eCommerce capabilities, newsletter sign ups, workshop registration forms, and link for all my images. It really has been fun learning about it all - kinda like when we started in Ebook publishing nearly two years ago!

Thank you again for all your support.
Please note that our first Self-Publishing Workshop is on March 1st. If you are still interest, please let us know and we'll send you a registration form.

Have a fantastic week every!

~ Joy Findlay

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