Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The week that was Jan 9th

We are back to work this week. Bevan is back at Downer and I'm child-wrangling. While I love doing the Auckland Libraries Reading Programme with the squidlets - yesterday was a movie marathon day with Pixar and Disney movies. Zac loved Monster University and Kiara loved Tinkerbell!

Marketing planning for the new year is trending this week. Not only are we looking at Findlay Books website, our kids ebooks/books, workshops, training, and a new marketing platform for self-publishers in NZ - we are also busy getting more stories illustrated. 

I've connected with a few more illustrators over the holidays and others who are really keen to get their kid's stories and books published. I am in the process of finalising dates with the venue for our next two workshops - Self-Publishing Workshop and Writing and Illustrating for Children. We will post dates for these two workshops and the speakers for each shortly.

I've been writing more kids stories and enjoying reading others, but I have to admit, the story/music CD books have become popular in our home today. 'Treasure' by Bronwen Billinghurst of Happy Bee Books is a hit with my 5 year old son. We've listened to the song about 12 times in one sitting and with his new pirate scar - Christmas accident - he's really getting into character!

I've come across a few Favourite Children's Books lists by authors online. I'm hoping to put together a few lists myself this year - Fav all time kids books, and fav self-published books!  What are your fav kids books in your home at the moment?

We'd love to hear how your self-publishing journeys are going. Please comment below or email us at 
Thanks and hope you are all having a great week! 

Joy (and Zac) Findlay


  1. Got a chance to listen to Billinghurst's pirate song - it was awesome! I'd add Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaimen, and Rabbityness by Jo Empson to the list.

    1. My kids actually listened to her song more than 12 times, they loved it so much we made a morning of it! There are so many books to add the lists, so for now I'm going to find a few different types of list for different types of ages and genre. Can't wait to put them together! Thanks Zee, a blessing as always!