Sunday, September 8, 2013

Self-pub tip of the week: Marketing and Promotions

Originally I had posted this in my Facebook groups and pages then realised what fantastic advice it was for this blog too.

You may or may not know that children's ebook sales have slumped by 27% during the first third of this year. Many Amazon children's authors including myself, have started to scrambling for answers and try to find new and effective ways to promote their ebooks. Kindle's Select Programme is no longer bringing in the boomerang sales that it once did, and we have seen its effectiveness decline over the last year or so.

I have been working with a few Amazon Children's authors in a Facebook group looking at how to overcome the slump in children's ebook sales over the last two to three months. Their biggest advice that seems to be working THE MOST is promoting your ebook on Book Bub - for $40.00USD you can get close to 10k downloads for your Free or heavily discounted ebook. This results in a HUGE number of 'boomerang sales'. BB only take books over 32 pages and they have to be a high quality. They accept Smashwords ebooks and books sold on other platforms too.

Other advice includes working together to promote each others promotions/book launches/free promos; advertising on Goodreads and Facebook, and blog hop give aways. Hard to tell how many sales you will get from blog hops though, but it is great exposure.

Book Bub's submission details here:

Does anyone else have advice to share that works for their book sales?

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